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2012 Contempory Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute

Ten Glorious Years and Counting

The tenth anniversary summer of The Shenandoah Conservatory July 14-23, 2012 Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute will be an occasion for celebration. Participants will be gathering from all over the USA and from as many as 11 countries to re-connect to Somatic Voicework#8482; The LoVetri Method and build momentum for the next decade of growth and expansion of functional vocal training. For the past nine summers, singing teachers, jazz educators, choral conductors, speech language pathologists, pianists and singers of all styles of music, have gathered at Shenandoah to learn from Master Teacher Jeanie LoVetri and from her faculty, her method of vocal training for all CCM styles.

The impact upon the profession of teaching singing cannot be ignored. It has lifted the cause of healthy singing for all styles to national recognition, it has given credibility to teachers who wish to teach in a variety of styles, and it has allowed the pedagogy of CCM styles to be taken seriously as a platform for research and writing. Throughout the world, Somatic Voicework#8482; has provided vocal music educators and singers information about singing training based on voice science and medicine, on vocal hygiene and on practical application in the real world to great acclaim. We are anticipating even greater success in the new decade.

With a roster of nationally and internationally recognized experts as guest faculty, SVW has broken new ground every summer with appearances by experts in medicine, speech science, and many applied styles such as jazz, gospel, music theater, and speech for actors to the CCM Institute. We have been honored with lectures by two of the world's most renowned otolaryngologists, Dr. Peak Woo and Dr. Gwen Korovin, and by two of the nation's rising stars of voice science, Dr. Wendy DeLeo LeBornge and Dr. Christopher Watts. We have had many wonderful hours of Broadway coaching by esteemed Broadway coach Robert Marks. In our styles classes we have invited jazz vocalist and Grammy nominee Kate McGarry and her husband, guitarist Keith Ganz, gospel educator Dr. Ronald High, Music Theater stars Meg Bussart and Edrie Means Weekly, and rock vocalist and Broadway star, Carla Bianco to present Post-Certificate courses for those who are fully certified Level III graduates of our program. .

In 2012, we will have three Post-Certificate Styles Classes (open to anyone who has completed Level III). We will be again be joined by Dr. Joan Melton, speech, music and acting teacher and researcher. "Country music from the Backwoods to High-Stakes Glitter" will be taught by country music expert Valerie Mindel and Emily Miller, and SU faculty Matt Edwards and Golder O'Neill will teach microphone technology. There will also be other outside lecturers and guests.

2011 Contempory Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute

Please come to the 9th Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute at Shenadoah Conservatory from July 16-24, 2011.

Our experts, including Dr. Wendy LeBorgne, Dr. Gwen Korovin, and Robert Marks, are all returning. We will have three Post-Certificate Styles Class (open to anyone who has completed Level III): Pop/Rock Singing Styles: Broadway and Beyond, July 16-18, will be taught by Carla Bianca, Speaking and Singing with the Same Voice, July 19-21 with Dr. Joan Melton, and Evaluation and Treatment of the Injured Singing Voice: Tools for every Singing Teacher, July 22-24 with Dr. Wendy LeBorgne.
Kathryn Green, DMA, Director; and Institute graduates Tom Arduini, Ed Reisert, Marcelle Gauvin and Robert Doyle, complete the faculty.

The entire Institute is filled with laughter, making new friends, sharing information, and an atmosphere of collegiality. Participants in the Institute continue to give us feedback that we are doing something special. Magical things happen, in that a group of strangers arrives and a group of friends goes home. There is a desire to learn and grow and there is support for everyone to learn at whatever level they may be. It is always a humbling experience to be in such a group as the Instructor, and to have with me such amazing experts as we have in our faculty and guests. We do hope you will come join us. We always have a great time

Our 2011 brochure is now available. For the latest information please view The CCM Institute where there are online applications for registration and housing. Read below about past courses in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. We look forward to 2011!

2010 Contempory Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute

The Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute at Shenandoah University in July of 2010 just completed its groundbreaking eighth year. We had participants from Brazil, Australia, Japan, and Canada as well as participants from all over the USA including Puerto Rico. We had senior teachers, with doctoral degrees, and youngsters still in college. We had some who had never taught and some who had been teaching for decades. And, we had more participants in each level, with our Level I having the most ever - 62! We had Grammy winners and nominees, Broadway leads, and professional musicians of all kinds and, boy, did we have FUN!

The 2010 Graduates

We had a dynamite Gospel session with Dr. Ronald High, who worked with graduates of past year's Level III, teaching the history of gospel, correct performance technique and leading a rousing performance of the class for the entire group.

We had Dr. Wendy LeBorgne working with past Level III graduates who wished to understand vocal health issues that arise in students, learning about research protocols and equipment.

We had Dr. Gwen Korovin once again working with teachers to understand vocal medicine, surgery, medications and other concerns

And we had Robert Marks, direct from Broadway, working with the participants on how to do a great 16-bar audition in true professional style.

On top of that, we had our hilarious movie night with Ed Reisert and Tom Arduini, we had our faculty recital, demonstrating classical and CCM styles back to back, and we had our recital where participants sing for each other and three formal receptions

In between, we ate a lot of good healthy snacks (but on movie night, popcorn and lemonade), did some fun movement every day, and by the end of the nine days (ten, for some people, who elected to do the extra day), we were old friends.

Every year it continues to delight and amaze me that the quality of person who comes to the CCM VP Institute is so high. People who are smart, open, fun, curious, brave, kind and supportive. It's not like any other voice teacher event I have ever been too anywhere, and I have been to hundreds!

Afterwards, everyone is invited to participate in the "chat room", which is a lively place for sure, and to come to Teacher Support Groups once a month in NYC and occasionally in Boston and Michigan. We stay in touch with each other, asking vocal questions, and it is an incredibly exciting thing to see e-mails flying back and forth from Brazil to North Carolina, from Australia to Massachusetts, from Singapore to Wisconsin!

Please come join us next year. We begin on July 16 and go for 9 days, three days on each level, with an optional 10 day, ending on the 25th. Contact Dr. Kathryn Green, Director, for more information:

2009 Contempory Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute

Our 2009 institute had it's second highest enrollment, despite the economic downturn, with participants from all over the county as well as Canada, Barbados, France, Japan and Korea. On faculty, we again had noted Broadway coach Robert Marks and world-renowned otolaryngologist Dr. Gwen Korovin, along with special guest Voice Technology Specialist Dr. Christopher Watts.

Our Post-Certificate styles class in jazz was taught by 2008 Grammy®-nominated artist Kate McGarry, herself a Level III graduate of SVW®, with her husband, noted guitarist Keith Ganz, as accompanist.

2008 Contempory Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute

In our sixth year, Institute Co-Founder, Donna Gullstrand, retired. We missed her, but wished her well in all her new endeavors. We will be ever grateful for all that she contributed to the Institute.

Our participants came from far and wide, including Singapore, Canada, and many of our own fine United States, and, as always, included young teacher/singers, experienced folks and experts from the worlds of conducting and theater.

We had the newest additions to our faculty there (Robert Doyle, Ed Reisert, Tom Arduini, and Marcelle Gauvin) to teach the "break-out" sessions and help with some individual coaching for those who wanted a bit of "extra help". Institute Co-Founder Edrie Means Weekly lead her Styles class in the Post-Certificate Program to great success while we opened the doors of CCM to another group of 40 people who wanted to explore this exciting new territory. She was assisted by Broadway star Meg Bussart, who worked with music theater acting alongside Edrie. Many of our graduates became fast friends and joined our chat room to keep their new communications going after the Institute was over. With each passing year we find that the community of Somatic Voicework teachers working with CCM styles is growing into a strong, caring, and insightful network of like-minded 21st Century teachers of singing.

2007 Contempory Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute

Our 2007 Institute began with 69 people, more than ever before, who came from all over the world including Australia and Israel, to learn from all of our experts. As in previous years, the atmosphere was friendly, collegial, and open, as we delved into new vocal territory. Everyone had a chance to sing and teach the CCM sounds, even those who had not yet done any teaching! Experienced teachers were taught by beginning teachers and vice versa, and everyone seemed to like the possibilities inherent in those dynamics.

Dr. LeBorgne was on hand toward the end of the week to discuss voice science and Dr. Korovin once again provided vital medical information on vocal health. Everyone was able to absorb this important data because both of our experts are "singer friendly" in their approach. Dr. LeBorgne is a terrific singer herself, with experience as both a classical soprano and a true belter. Dr. Korovin has some of the world's most famous singers as patients, and knows first hand what they go through in managing their careers and staying healthy, which they do with her thorough expertise and care.

We ended with 40 more graduates of Level III. They will be joining us in our "graduate only" chatroom and in upcoming years for the seminars that are only available to graduates of the full three levels.

2006 Contempory Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute

Shenandoah Conservatory's Contemporary Commercial Vocal Pedagogy Institute, featuring Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method, was a huge success this past July. We had participants from Jamaica, São Paulo, and Germany, as well as from around the United States and Canada. Many teachers who run Voice Departments in colleges and universities were in attendance, as were choral directors, junior and senior high school music departments chairs, and private teachers of all kinds. We had individuals with classical backgrounds, folk, pop, and jazz backgrounds and two Speech Language Pathologists, (our wonderful Brazilian colleagues), who are also Voice Specialists. Our new Voice Technology Specialist, Dr. Wendy LeBorgne, was a big hit with everyone, making Voice Science available and clear to all, and Robert Marks made an even bigger impact this year than last, helping many participants polish their audition skills while also dispensing with "hands on" information that can only be obtained through years of work with Broadway professionals. He also made some terrific jokes (extra added attraction) that had everyone laughing out loud! Dr. Gwen Korovin won everyone's hearts and minds, too, with her "voice-teacher friendly" information about voice medicine and vocal health.

The 47 people who graduated from the fourth year's course at Level III (the full program) were caring, open, enthusiastic, friendly, willing to share, supportive and absolutely fun-loving but dedicated and serious teachers. It was a privilege to stand in front of such a group as their Instructor.

The 2006 Graduates and Staff

2006 Graduate Intensive Day with Jeanie LoVetri

Five of the 2005 Institute Graduates, Robert Doyle, Tom Arduini, Ed Reiser, Judy Wade and Jessica Van Ord, spent a day with me in Special Training and then assisted the faculty during the Level I training.

This was the fourth year we have offered our Contemporary Commercial Music (the new name for non-classicial music) Vocal Pedagogy Institute at Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester, Virginia. This is the first and only vocal pedagogy course offering graduate credit for this kind of music. Level I ran from July 22 - 24, Level II July 24-27 and Level III July 27-30. To download the entire brochure please go to or e-mail Kathryn Green or call: 504.665.4600.

The 2006 Staff

The program featured Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method, and this year had as our staff as shown below left to right, Dr. Kathryn Green, Director of the CCM institute, our Technology Specialist Dr. Wendy LeBorgne of the Blaine Block Institute in Dayton Ohio; the "best of the best" Music Theater expert; returning again this year, Robert Marks, coach, conductor, arranger, and instructor; our Medical Specialist; Dr. Gwen Korovin, New York's voice doctor to the "stars"; Donna Gullstrand Co-Founder of the CCM Institute, Jeannette LoVetri, Artist-in-Residence; and Edrie Means Weekly Co-Founder of the CCM Institute.

We were excited to have so many leading edge teachers and conductors as participants in our Institute, from many of the tops schools in the country and from several foreign countries as well.

2005 Contempory Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute

The 2005 Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute, Level One: July 23-25, Level Two: July 25-28 and Level Three: July 28-31, was an enormous success with 94 students signed up for all combined levels. This Institute at Shenandoah University is the first and only vocal pedagogy course offering graduate credit for contemporary commercial music (CCM) (music theater, jazz, pop, rock, Gospel, R &B, folk, country, rap and experimental). Until the Institute was created students wishing to learn vocal pedagogy for CCM had no choice but to turn to the study of classical vocal pedagogy. Now, for the first time, there is an organized approach to teaching CCM that is based upon the principles of voice science, voice medicine and of Jeannette LoVetri's more than three decades of "hands-on" teaching experience in New York City.

The staff, shown below, were Phillip Sargent, Donna Gullstrand, Kathryn Green, Jeannette LoVetri and Edrie Means Weekly. The Institute was extremely fortunate to have as guest faculty Dr. Peak Woo of the Grabscheidt Voice Center at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and well-known Broadway vocal coach Robert Marks, both from New York City.

Jeanie teaching Shenandoah Staff Peek Woo Jeanie Bob Marks

This year, the third year of the Institute, forty three graduates were certified in all three Levels, many of whom are shown below. These pioneering students formed close bonds with their instructors and created a warm and supportive atmosphere with their other colleagues who joined them in breaking new ground in this exciting and emerging specialty -- CCM vocal pedagogy. "I am delighted that so many people who are interested in building new and stronger skills as singing teachers have chosen to participate in the Institute. It is through them that the profession of teaching singing will benefit and change." - J. LoVetri

The 2005 Graduates and Staff

For more information contact Shenandoah University or e-mail Kathryn Green or call: 504.665.4600

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CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute at Shenandoah University

The Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute Our thirteenth year featuring Somatic Voicework™, the LoVetri Method, July 18-26, 2015 for levels I, II and III. It continues to be the first and only vocal pedagogy course offering graduate and doctoral credit for courses on CCM. It also offers a number of post certification courses for those who are certified as Level III graduates. Our new 2015 brochure is now available For more information and registration please visit CCM Institute . For further questions contact: Kathryn Green at

Other Venues for Somatic Voicework™ Level I

For the third year in New York City!!! Somatic Voicework™ Level I was offered June 12th-14th, 2015 at the City College of New York. Our 2015 CCNY brochure is available. For any questions, please contact Suzanne Pittson.


Jeanie will be Guest Artist in the Roy Acuff Chair of Excellence Guest Artist Series at Austin Peay State University in Nashville, TN on February 8-10, 2016. She will be helping them to introduce their new Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Fine Arts degree programs, working with students on song style, vocal production and vocal health. Those interested in obtaining further information should contact Dr. Christopher Bailey, Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre & Voice. Further details will be posted here closer to the date.